Skyline Eco Adventures Zipline Tour

Skyline Poipu offered us the perfect afternoon with a 3 hr adventure tour ziplining above multiple lush valleys with picturesque views of Kauai’s south shore. Conveniently located in Poipu, we checked in at their office at The Shops at Kukui’ula. The tour began with a brief van ride into the mountains where we were kitted out in our custom zipline gear. A short hike up the mountain led to the first of 8 zip lines that criss cross three different valleys, getting longer and higher and faster throughout the adventure. The ziplines were exhilarating and the views of the coastline breathtaking. Our guide, Jose, put everyone at ease to confidently leap off elevated platforms, soar across valleys and stop comfortably and safely on the other side. We were entertained with witty quips and interesting stories about Kauai legends. Jose’s genuine aloha, enthusiasm and concern for each person’s enjoyment, elevated the tour to an authentic adventure Kauai style!

Arriving back at The Shops at Kukui’ulu, we were perfectly timed to enjoy their Wednesday Culinary Farmers Market.

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Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! Happy New Year!

Hauoli Makahiki Hou and best wishes for 2015 from Aloha Share!
Hawaii is one of the very last time zones in the world to ring in the New Year and on Kauai this suits our laid back island style perfectly!

The local community and our island visitors gather at Poipu Beach Park and spread out across the sand and on the grass beneath the coconut trees with blankets, coolers and beach chairs to enjoy an evening of music, entertainment and local food. Under a starry sky, with the occasional Chinese lantern carried up and away on the ocean breeze, we say Aloha to 2014. The New Year is welcomed with a dazzling fireworks display of rainbow color that lights up the south shore. Mahalo to Poipu Beach Resort Association for this amazing annual event!


Adopt Us! We’re Endangered…

Great gift idea! Forget wrapping up another meaningless toy and give an adoption certificate for a baby Honu hatchling or a monk seal pup to your children instead. Teach them about the unique creatures that inhabit the waters of Hawaii and show them how they are playing an important part in helping to protect and care for an endangered species. They will love knowing that their adopted animal is swimming free in the Pacific ocean and has a greater chance of survival because of them! Adoptions are Available through the Hawaii Wildlife Fund.

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O KE KAI (endangered): Humpback, Hawksbill & Monk Seal – $100
KO’A: Hawaiian Coral Reef – $50
HONU’EA (endangered): Hawksbill Sea Turtle mother – $50
HONU’EA (endangered): Hawksbill Sea Turtle hatchling – $20
ILIO HOLO KAI (endangered): Hawaiian Monk Seal – $40
HONU (threatened): Green Sea Turtle Adult – $35
HONU (threatened): Green Sea Turtle Hatchling – $25
KOHOLA (endangered): Humpback Whale – $30
NAI’A (protected): Bottlenose Dolphin – $25
NAI’A (protected): Spinner Dolphin – $25
NAI’A (protected): Spotted Dolphin – $25

Three easy steps to adopt: CLICK HERE

Kahua O Kaneiolouma

Kahua O Kāneiolouma (Kāneiolouma Complex) in Poipu, is a cultural site containing the remnants of an ancient Hawaiian village that contains structures dating to at least the mid‐1400’s. It is considered sacred to the Hawaiian culture as well as an important historic landmark for the residents of Kaua’i. Within the complex, remnants of house sites, fishponds, taro fields, above ground irrigation channels, shrines, altars, and idol sites lie relatively undisturbed near the scene of epic battles and legends in history spanning a millennium. Near its center, the complex contains what may be the only intact Makahiki sporting arena in the state. The site also contains the sacred spring of Waiohai.

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Congrats to all of our amazing Kauai surf groms that paddled out and had fun at the 3rd annual Gromfest. A big mahalo to the Live Like Sion Organization for bringing this surf event to our community. “Live like Sion is a way of life. To live life full of Aloha and Respect for your family, friends and community. Living each day to the fullest and never taking anything for granted. Perpetuating the good in us all, in and out of the water.”

View More Pics in the Gromfest Gallery


Honu are beautiful, ancient and graceful creatures! It is a joy to encounter them while snorkeling on Kauai or spotting them along the shoreline where they like to nibble on algae and sea grass, known as limu in Hawaiian. Throughout the ages Honu have been symbols of wisdom, longevity and good luck. This is especially true in Hawaii, where many Islanders worship sea turtles as family guardians or ‘aumakua.’ To these families the turtle is not only a protector but also the embodiment of their ancestors.

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Buy Aloha Gift Items where 100% of the proceeds benefits local non-profits dedicated to preserving the reef and protecting Kauai’s wildlife heritage!



Local Kauai surfer girl, Presley (7 yr old surf grom), shared her thoughts about surfing after her surf lesson with Kelley Hunt out at PK’s surf break on the south shore. When asked “Why do you surf?” her reply was immediate “It’s fun! Waves are fun to catch! It’s fun when you first learn stuff and try it! It’s fun because…. everything is fun in my life!”

What do you think about when you are surfing?

Presley: “I think about the reef, the animals under the sea and how pretty they are!”

Do you think about anything when you wipe out?

Presley: “I think about being bitten by an eel!”

Are you scared of big waves?

Presley: “Yes! I am scared of big waves they always look small from shore….”

Would you like to be a pro-surfer when you are older?

Presley: ” I would like to be a surf-teacher! On weekends! During the week I want to teach Pre-School or First Grade that would be fun I like to help little kids! Toodles! I like to say toodles too!”

Presley recommends taking surf-lessons with Kelley Hunt..

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